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Flourish Care offers a Domiciliary Care service, available 365 days per year, which provides a range of services to enable adults to continue to live in their own home.  This service takes into consideration all existing circumstances whether the client lives alone, are part of a married couple or if they live with other family members.  The carers endeavour to do whatever it takes to ensure that clients are able to continue living independently in their own home, safely.

This service is provided when no family members/representatives or friends are available to give them the help required. The level of care that each individual receives is designed in a care package that is unique to each customer, according to their individual needs.

“ We are family in the absence of family ”


Flourish Care is a company founded on a strong Christian Ethos, providing an excellent, person centred home care service which is delivered by a motivated, trained team who compassionately provide care for all clients.

Customers will be encouraged to experience life fulfilment and actively participate in all aspects of their care where possible. We recognise that they are all unique, with individual needs and circumstances, so we deliver a fully bespoke service, personalised to the individuals needs.


Personal Care


At Flourish Care we aim to provide you with Personal Care which will support your independence with dignity and compassion in your own home.

Working to your regular routines, and ensuring that support is tailored to your specific requirements, a fully trained carer offers professional personal care in the way that’s most comfortable to you.

What is personal care?

Personal care is a broad term used to refer to supporting with personal hygiene and toileting, along with dressing and maintaining your personal appearance.

Your care plan will outline your likes and dislikes, along with specific instructions for your carer. Each carer is fully trained to provide personal care in a way that is discreet and respectful of your personal boundaries, enabling your dignity and independence at all times.

Even though carers are trained to provide all aspects of personal care, there may be some things you’d prefer to do for yourself. A good carer will always give you space when you want it and encourage your independence wherever they can.




Need some extra help at home?

Whether you’re looking for help with cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, preparing delicious meals or running errands, our range of housekeeping services can ease the pressure and keep your home exactly the way you like it.

We understand that every individual has their own way of doing things and so we take careful note of your preferences and requirements. You will be in control of the services you receive and we will endeavour to meet your own personal standard of housekeeping.

What housekeeping services cover

We offer both regular and one-off support with the following tasks:

Cleaning services and vacuuming

A clean house always feels welcoming and comfortable, and our services can help to make this happen. Flourish Care staff will be able to carry out many tasks such as washing dishes, vacuuming both carpeted and wooden flooring, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning inside of windows and even dusting.

Shopping and running errands

Our services aren’t just confined to the home. Flourish Care staff can go out and about to collect food shopping and other essentials, as well as run errands. If you wish to accompany them, then this can be arranged.

Laundry and ironing

Do you have a large pile of laundry and ironing? It is enough to put anyone under pressure, so why not relieve this by employing the help of one of our housekeepers? They will be able to complete your laundry and ironing within your home, as well as any other duties you may need help with.

Ad hoc cleaning tasks

As a completely flexible service, you can even set specific tasks for a day based on what you need. On arrival, your assistant will ask if there are any priorities, and will always take direction from you.

Preparing meals and snacks

Flourish Care staff will adhere to your strict dietary requirements, and personal preferences. They will be able to prepare delicious and nutritious meals that suit your own tastes as well as cleaning up afterwards too.

Pet care

Whether this be taking your dog on daily walks, emptying your cat’s litter trays, or simply ensuring that your pet is fed and has a fresh bowl of water. Our services can be tailored to your pets, as well as you, to make sure they’re getting the best possible care.

Do you want to arrange housekeeping help today? Its as easy as a simple phone call.

Give us a call on 02825 665864 during office hours and we’ll be happy to arrange a free face-to-face consultation to get things moving. Or email info@flourishcare.co.uk and we will get back to you.



Human contact is an important part of life, and its value cannot be underestimated. We believe that quality time and listening are just as important as any other aspect of care.

No matter how much or little of the above services you wish to be included in your care plan, your Flourish carer will always take time to sit and talk with you. Whether you just want someone to sit and watch TV with you, or you’d like to go out for a walk or a cup of coffee, your carer will be delighted to spend time getting to know you and enjoying your company. A friendly smile and a chat can make all the difference in the world!

“The health impacts of loneliness can be devastating; it is worse for you than obesity, and as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Chronic loneliness is cutting lives short, and the problem is growing,” said Laura Alcock-Ferguson, the executive director of the Campaign to End Loneliness.




We offer a straight forward payment scheme, you simply pay for the care you need.

Minimum 30 minute call      £  9.50

Hour long Call                      £ 16.25

Calls can be from 30 minutes right up to 24 hour care.

Over night calls can also be arranged. Contact us for more info.



Independence. We want to help you continue to enjoy living independently in your own home, and we will provide you with whatever level of assistance you need in order to do so.

Peace of mind. Having a daily visitor provides reassurance both for you and for family members who cannot be there as often as they would like due to work commitments or distance. Knowing that their loved one is safe and not alone provides immense peace of mind.

Companionship. Human contact is an important part of life, and its value cannot be underestimated. We believe that quality time and listening are just as important as any other aspect of care.

Local. We are local to you, with local staff who know the area.

Family. We are a business founded on a Christian ethos where all clients are important to us and all staff are treated like family.

Regulated. We are fully regulated and accredited by the RQIA.



After meeting with you and getting to know you, we will handpick a Flourish carer just for you.

This will be someone we are confident can meet all of your requirements, as well as someone whose personality is likely to be a good fit with yours. We want you to enjoy your Flourish Care experience and relax in the company of a new friend, not just a service provider.

We will bring your Flourish carer to your home to meet with you, and we will make sure that everyone is completely happy with the arrangement before your care package even begins.

All our carers are fully trained, Access NI checked, registered with NISCC and employed directly by us.


To find out more about our service, please contact our dedicated team.

A friendly advisor will talk you through the process and arrange a visit in the comfort of your own home. We’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and then work out a care plan specifically tailored to your requirements.

Tel: 028 256 65864

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